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Colonbrook Colon Hydrotherapy & Spa, is  recognized as a small business, woman-owned and operated business. Cheryl Oakley, the owner,  is I-ACT Certified, National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She prides herself in maintaining a great reputation of compassion, personal service and a peaceful Zen surrounding. She combines cutting-edge technology with a calming, patient-focused atmosphere. Cheryl provides a comfortable, service-oriented, guided experience for every one of her clients.

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Colonbrook offers three primary detoxification services; Colon Hydrotherapy, infrared Sauna and, Detox Footbath. Each service can be obtained as a bundled package or as single sessions.

Our Infrared Sauna offers a comfortable, warm relaxing detox experience while aiding the body in flushing out toxins through sweat glands. In this process, your body  perspires and eliminating toxic substances through sweat.

The Detox Footbath we offer is capable of helping the body in numerous ways like "re-balancing your body's cellular energy", helping with headaches and sleeplessness, to kidney, liver and immune system function to name a few. Based on the change in water color of your footbath, you are able to identify the cleansed toxins by viewing the color chart provided during your session.


Benefits of our Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are to aid in ridding the body of excess waste material. People from all walks of life choose this method of cleanse for many different personal and medical reasons. Cheryl, Colonbrook's - Colon Hydrotherapist will make recommendations regarding follow up sessions based on the results from the initial session and each clients self reported goals.

Are you ready to take the next step to a healthy and healed body and mind?  Then book your session at Colonbrook today. 

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