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“Just wanted to comment on my experience at Colonbrook.  Very friendly & knowledgeable.  Since I am lactose intolerant and have IBS the only thing that works for me is colonics. Which has allowed me to stop taking my  prescription medication.  Absolutely the best cleanse I've ever had.

"Cheryl is awesome! I love my sessions with Cheryl. She is experienced, knowledgeable, makes you feel really comfortable, and her rooms are very calming. If your a first time client to colonics, or you've been going elsewhere, Cheryl will take care of you in a great way, and you will love your experience at Colonbrrok!"
Annalisa O'Toole

"Cheryl is very experienced and professional, she is also a total sweetheart, you can't help but feel happy when you see her!
I found her when I purchased a groupon and thank goodness for that! Her place is very relaxing and peaceful and she fully explained everything I need to know before I went!
I also do the ionic foot bath, this is great for detoxing, I sleep like a baby after having it done!
I would highly recommend going for all 3 treatments, colonic, sauna and foot will feel amazing!
You couldn't find a nicer more professional treatment anywhere in the ATL!

"What a wonderful oasis of health in North Fulton. Cheryl knows her stuff! She is friendly, accommodating and professional. Her clinic is private and comfortable. A very pleasant experience and enjoyable way to improve my health.

"Colonbrook is absolutely the best choice for colonics that I have found! It is a very clean, comfortable and always a relaxing environment. This upscale and well equipped location is located in Roswell, GA. I have felt amazing since I have started a cleansing program with Cheryl the owner. Cheryl is a wonderful and loving colon hydrotherapist; she is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field. Colonics are a must for anyone who wants to feel better, lose weight, and rid the body of toxins. I am so happy I have found Cheryl! :) Dana. Ancient Awakenings"

"Excellent experience!!! Should have done this sooner!!! Cheryl is great! Second time even better than first! Irina "

“The place was clean and didn't have an odor at all. I was very comfortable and felt welcomed. The owner was very friendly and knowledgeable and took the time to explain exactly what to expect. I'm happy with the results and would go again. Errin”

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